Fågelberget Kalberget

The purpose of the trip was to explore the landscape of northern Jämtland. While having the most densely populated brown bear habitat in the world the number of people living there is very low.


One of the main goals of the trip was a visit to Hällingsåfallet, a 42 meter high waterfall. The stream has, over the course of 9000 years, formed northern Europe’s longest canyon (500 meters). Due to the high humidity surrounding the waterfall many rare plants grow here.

Hällingsåfallet Hällingsåfallet Hällingsåfallet Hällingsåfallet


The road connecting Stora Blåsjön in Jämtland and Klimpfjäll in Lappland is called the wilderness road and is one of the highest roads in Sweden (876 m). It is situated above the tree line and the surrounding landscape is vast and open.

Stekenjokk Stekenjokk Stekenjokk

Stekenjokk Stor-Blåsjön Klimpfjäll

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Tännforsen Norway Norway

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